Approved Suppliers

As a franchise organization, we need to ensure that all products, services and suppliers that our franchisees represent are fully vetted.

Firehouse Exteriors Franchise System LLC evaluates suppliers based on several criteria including length of time in business, financial resources, business credentials and their ability to provide services or products in accordance with minimum standards for delivery, performance, appearance and quality.

Suppliers who wish to be included on Firehouse Exteriors Franchise System LLC’s approved supplier list must apply and pay a $2,500 fee.

Every franchisor does this. In fact, in most cases the fee is much larger, like Re/Max, which charges $15,000 plus a percentage of sales to their franchisees.

We have administrative costs when onboarding a new supplier. We check business records, customer references, credit, etc. This is our responsibility to our franchisees. The Approved Supplier fee helps to cover these costs.

By becoming an Approved Supplier, we’re giving you access to our franchise network. In addition, we stand behind the work/product of Approved Suppliers. If something goes wrong with a service or product provided by an Approved Supplier, we must step up and make it right with the franchisee.

Other reasons a fee is charged is to maintain quality control, consistency and discourage random suppliers from applying to be an Approved Supplier.  For example, a franchisee’s brother-in-law does vehicle wraps out of his garage and he wants to use him to wrap his truck. We have no way of knowing what type of materials will be used, what level of experience and competency the installer has, what the quality is, what equipment is being used to print the vinyl and what the warranty is, if any.

It could be allowed if he applies for, pays the fee and is accepted as an Approved Supplier. However, it’s highly unlikely that someone would pay the fee to get just one wrap job. It doesn’t make economic sense, thus discouraging application.

This process is extended to all products and services we expose to our franchise network.

If an application is denied, a full refund will be made. If a credit or debit card was used to pay the fee, a refund will be made to the card originally used. If the fee was paid by ACH or wire transfer, a check will be issued and mailed to the address on the application.

Usually, we will only approve a limited number of suppliers in each product or service category based on several factors, such as market size, potential revenue, exclusivity options and term of agreement.

The initial term, which begins upon the date you receive your first job from a franchisee, is for one year and can be renewed by mutual agreement and payment of the then current Approved Supplier fee. You have no obligation to renew. That decision can be made at the renewal date based on your satisfaction with the program. We do not store payment information and do not automatically renew suppliers in the program. Thirty days prior to your renewal date, an invoice will be generated. Simply pay the invoice if you wish to remain in the program or email us your notice of termination at

Please email us when you receive your first job order with a Firehouse Exteriors franchisee so we can notate our records with a start date.

Exclusive agreements are available for an additional fee, based on the product or service offered.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. If, after one year, any Approved Supplier is dissatisfied with the program, for any reason, we will refund 100% of the fee minus any profits earned on business done with our franchise network. This is a no risk, no questions asked guarantee. Refunds will be made according to the process outlined above.

Please complete the application form. Upon receipt, an invoice will be generated for the Approved Suppler fee. Upon payment of the invoice, we will process your application. Invoices are due upon receipt. Applications with invoices not paid within five business days will be cancelled.

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