Beware of frauds and
fly-by-night contractors

The word fraud in redIt’s a relatively known fact that the roofing business is fraught with felons, fraudsters and fly-by-night contractors. Roofing scams happen every day across the country, especially in the most active hail markets. Most homeowners have not dealt with a claim of this nature and are not familiar with the process, so they can easily be taken advantage of.

Many roofing contractors utilize independent sales reps (ISR) to sell roofing to homeowners. Many of these salespeople have criminal backgrounds, which are not disclosed to the homeowner. Typically, these reps are not employees of the roofing company and do not carry workman’s comp insurance, which means that if they fall off your roof, you may get sued and your homeowners policy will have to pay, potentially sending your premiums through the roof. (no pun intended!) Roofing companies’ insurance usually does not cover any liability issues with independent sales contractors.

In addition, do you really want a person with a criminal history (drug, domestic violence, burglary, etc.) coming into your home, negotiating with your insurance company and handling one of the most important financial transactions you’ll ever make concerning your property? Most people, if they knew, would answer “absolutely not!”

Woman talking to man at doorSelecting a roofing contractor can be a time-consuming process filled with uncertainty and fear. We’ve all heard about the nightmares a friend or relative has had with some unethical roofing contractor or maybe you’ve experienced this yourself. There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling a homeowner gets when he/she finds out that their contractor has gone out of business and their warranty is worthless or they’ve paid a deposit and the contractor has disappeared. The bottom line is; most homeowners simply do not trust roofing contractors.

Firehouse Exteriors franchisees are subjected to a comprehensive screening process, including criminal background check, credit history and financial references.

It’s very important that any contractor or sub-contractor working on your property carry the required insurance. This can include liability, property damage, vehicle and workman’s comp.

Firehouse Exteriors requires and confirms that all its contractors and subcontractors carry full insurance coverage. In addition, our company carries a multi-million-dollar umbrella policy for both liability and property damage for further protection.