About Us

Firehouse Exteriors is a franchise-based national network of local five-star roofing and restoration companies.

Firefighter carring little girl out of burning houseAll our independent owners and operators are current or former firefighters. Who knows their way around a roof better than a firefighter!

Firefighters are team players who are extremely well disciplined, follow procedures, used to extensive training, ethical, loyal, honest, trustworthy and dedicated to saving lives, daily. These individuals are community-minded and routinely engage in nonprofit efforts.

Every franchisee goes through extensive training before opening their Firehouse Exteriors franchise. Upon completion of our training program, they are prepared to deliver first-in-class service backed by our industry best guarantee and warranty.

Mission Statement

Here’s what we stand for:

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Superior quality, awesome customer service, lifetime warranties and 100% satisfaction

How We Work

The Process:

How We Work journal

Storm Damage Claim

  • Property Owners contact Firehouse Exteriors for restoration services caused by storm damage.

  • Our Customer Care representatives will collect all the necessary information and instruct the Property Owner to make a claim, if they have not done so already, or ask if they would prefer to have us inspect the damage first. In most events, we will know if the property has incurred damage just by the address and the path of the storm.

  • If the Property Owner has not filed a claim and would prefer that we inspect the damage first, then we will assign the inspection to an appropriate Firehouse Exteriors Contractor.

  • The Contractor will contact the Property Owner to perform a free inspection and provide a free estimate.

  • Once the inspection is complete, assuming that there is damage, the Property Owner will be instructed to file a claim.

  • If the Property Owner has already filed a claim and has had the damage inspected and adjusted, the Contractor will do their own inspection and provide a free estimate.

  • If the Property Owner accepts the estimate and hires the Contractor, materials will be ordered, and the Contractor can move forward with the repairs.

  • The project is then assigned to a Project Manager who monitors the project from beginning to end, which ensures that the job is completed on time and in a professional manner.

  • Upon delivery of the materials, the Property Owner shall pay the Contractor an amount equal to the ACV check the customer has received from their insurance company.

  • Many times, insurance adjustments come in low or are missing critical elements of the work that needs to be performed.

  • In this event, Firehouse Exteriors Project Managers are qualified to handle whatever issues may arise with the Property Owner’s insurance company. However, some states do not allow the Contractor to work directly with the insurance company or their adjuster. In this event, the Project Manage will instruct the Property Owner as to what needs to be discussed with the adjuster in order to get what the Property Owner is entitled to.

  • When the work is complete, the Contractor will file the necessary documents with the insurance company and a check for the depreciation will be paid to the property owner.

  • The property owner will then pay whatever balance is left on the work performed by the Contractor to the Contractor.

  • Firehouse Exteriors Contractors are qualified to handle many different aspects of a storm damage claim, such as; roofing, gutters, painting, stucco, windows, etc.

  • Firehouse Exteriors provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Limited Lifetime Warranty on all labor and materials provided by a Firehouse Exteriors Contractor.


  • Property Owners contact Firehouse Exteriors for an estimate to repair or replace their roof.

  • Firehouse Exteriors assigns the inquiry to an appropriate Firehouse Exteriors Contractor.

  • The Contractor contacts customer to perform a free property inspection and provide a free estimate.

  • If the property owner accepts the estimate and hires the Contractor, materials will be ordered, and the Contractor can move forward with the repairs.

  • The project is then assigned to a Project Manager who monitors the project from beginning to end, which ensures that the job is completed on time and in a professional manner.

  • Upon delivery of the materials, the property owner shall pay the Contractor 50% of the contract amount.

  • Upon completion of the work, the Property Owner will pay the Contractor the balance owed on the contract amount.


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For information on owning a Firehouse Exteriors franchise, click here.

This website and any reference to our franchise system or sales information on this site does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a franchise disclosure document, commonly known as the FDD. Certain states require that we register the franchise disclosure document in those states. The information on this website is not directed to residents of any state requiring registration. We will not offer or sell franchises in any state that requires registration until we have registered our franchise offering within the respective state or until we have obtained an exemption to registration in any state that requires registration and delivered the FDD to a prospective franchisee, in compliance with applicable law. Please refer to the FDD for the most current information.

Guarantee & Warranty

Firehouse Exteriors offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Materials & Labor.

Any defects in materials are covered under the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Your Firehouse Exteriors Contractor will provide a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty, which contains complete details. Warranty details are also available on each manufacturer’s website.

Workmanship is covered under a limited lifetime labor warranty provided by your Firehouse Exteriors Contractor and backed-up by Firehouse Exteriors. Your Firehouse Exteriors Contractor will repair any defect in workmanship for the life of the roof for the original owner/customer. If the repair is a result of new hail or wind damage, then a new insurance claim must be made, and payment will be made to the Franchised Contractor for any repairs or replacement of the roof. If the repair is a result of damage not related to the original installation, the Franchised Contractor will provide a written estimate to perform the repairs. Damage not related to the original installation includes, but is not limited to, damage inflicted by the homeowner or a third-party, normal wear and tear or new hail/wind damage.

Firehouse Exteriors guarantees every customer 100% satisfaction. If there is something that you are dissatisfied with, please contact our customer care center and we’ll work to make it right. Our motto is, “If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!”


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Safety Policy

At Firehouse Exteriors, we’re all about safety.

Safety First badge

Our franchised contractors are former or current firefighters, who consider safety their number one priority. We follow a strict OSHA safety program. This is very important to you, the property owner, because accidents can expose everyone to liability.

Independent research cites a strong safety culture as having the single greatest impact on accident reduction of any process employed by management. Safety culture can be defined as an attitude toward safety that exists at a company that shapes the behavior of workers. A company with a strong safety culture establishes an atmosphere where safety is a primary responsibility of all workers from the newest apprentice to the owner or CEO. The Firehouse Exteriors safety policy provides the preliminary foundation for development of a strong safety culture by setting the value of employee safety held by the company. Safety programs, training, responsibilities, accountability and rewards build off the fundamental philosophy of that policy.

Community Support

Every Job Supports a Nonprofit

Community on top of a heartFirehouse Exteriors donates to a local or national nonprofit organization for every roofing contract that is executed between a Firehouse Exteriors Franchised Contractor and a homeowner. When you choose to use Firehouse Exteriors, for your roofing and restoration projects, you help to financially support local nonprofits with much needed funds.

Associations & Memberships

Firehouse Exteriors and/or its Franchised Contractors are members of many industry organizations.

Memberships will vary among each Firehouse Exteriors Franchised Contractor based on physical location.


All Firehouse Exteriors Franchised Contractors are independently owned and operated.

Disclaimers imageFirehouse Exteriors Franchise System LLC has limited control over their business operations. If you experience an issue or problem that is not being resolved between you and the Franchised Contractor, contact customer care and we’ll do our best to help resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.