Certified Roof Inspections

All Firehouse Exteriors franchised contractors are Certified Roof Inspectors (CRI) and members of the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCIA).

What is the NRCIA?

The NRCIA is the industry leader in offering quality roof inspections.

The NRCIA has designed the industry’s only nationally standardized and regulated roof inspection report preferred by property owners, insurance adjusters, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and real estate agents. It presents a clearly defined scope of inspection, analyzes report findings, provides photographic documentation, states certification eligibility implications, and specifies any professional recommendations along with a reliable and transparent proposal.

NRCIA inspection reports are widely praised for professionalism, transparency, consistency, and compliance. Reports are routinely used during property negotiations and in independent reviews to verify previous contractor repairs.

What does this mean and how does it benefit you?

Firehouse Exterior Certified Roof Inspectors are professionally accredited to inspect and certify your roof.

To become a member, each Firehouse Exteriors CRI must pass a comprehensive training program, adhere to strict NRCIA standards and code of ethics, and are licensed annually to perform roof inspections – so that you know exactly who is serving you. They are rated on a 5-star system and must provide top-quality service to maintain their membership status.

The inspection report generated by a Firehouse Exteriors CRI provides the in-depth information and documentation that is required in many property transactions.

In addition to this, having your roof certified LeakFREE® offers the assurance that only comes with a thorough examination and analysis of the interior, attic, garage, perimeter, and rooftop. This is something that home inspectors, who only conduct a lightweight roof inspection, if any, are unable to provide.

Once a roof meets our professional roof inspection criteria, the LeakFREE® roof certification can be granted signifying that the roof has undergone an extensive inspection and is now able to remain leak-free for the entire certification period.

The Process

We follow NRCIA inspection protocols.

Each Firehouse Exteriors CRI is an expert in determining the source of your roof leaks utilizing a proprietary roof inspection process, fixing the leaks, and certifying that your roof will remain LeakFREE® for the duration of the certification period.

A Firehouse Exteriors CRI begins the five-zone LeakFREE® roof inspection by examining the interior, accessible attic, and attached garage to examine any visual evidence of a roof leak. Any evidence found in the first three zones informs the CRI of what to more closely inspect when they reach the rooftop.

As the fourth zone, the CRI examines the building’s perimeter to look for further evidence of leaks or damage, such as water stains and dry rot. After these observations are complete, the CRI moves to the roof and performs a visual, non-destructive examination. Each roof type and material have its own common critical areas, and our CRI is trained to pay special attention to these potential trouble spots.

LeakFREE® Roof Inspection Report

A Comprehensive Report within 2-3 business days

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector prepares a written inspection report, usually within 24-72 hours, complete with photographic documentation, analysis of findings, certification eligibility implications, and professional recommendations. The report includes the detail and professional opinion (typically missing from home inspection reports) needed by mortgage lenders, property insurance adjusters, and roof riders on home warranty insurance policies. The typical inspection fee is $350 for a residential property and can vary depending on the building’s location and square footage. Commercial inspections will be higher, based on the building’s location, square footage and height.

Forensic ROOF® Inspection Report

Roof assessments that are technical in nature, will need a Forensic ROOF® inspection.

This is a customized roof inspection restricted to comprehensively evaluating a select attribute of the roofing system, that may include, but is not limited to, insurance claim evaluation, building code compliance, manufacturer’s installation specification compliance, workmanship evaluation, third-party damage responsibility evaluation, or referral to a specialist. Independent experts are trained in their specific areas of expertise. Each Forensic ROOF® inspection report is priced, conducted, and written according to the services requested and tests required. Our Forensic ROOF® inspection report is preferred in most insurance claims and legal cases. Speak to your Firehouse Exteriors NRCIA Forensic ROOF® inspector for more information.

Firehouse Exteriors LeakFREE® Roof Certifications

More than a workmanship warranty!

With a LeakFREE® Roof Certification, you can have total assurance that your entire roof — not just the repair site — will remain leak-free for the full duration of your certification period.

If you are a property buyer, bank, mortgage company, or real estate broker, insist on a LeakFREE® Roof Certification from Firehouse Exteriors.

Firehouse Exteriors Guarantee

A guarantee that provides peace-of-mind

Firehouse Exteriors will repair any leaks not discovered during their inspections and any leaks due to normal wear and tear on your entire roof during the certification period at no cost to certificate holders.

However, just like car maintenance, certification-holders are required to schedule an annual maintenance inspection and satisfy any actionable items resulting from the maintenance inspection as a condition of certification. Additionally, storm trauma and damage caused by the property owner or third parties is expressly excluded from the warranty.

Why a paid inspection?

The NRCIA advocates that a professional inspection is a paid inspection.

Many roofing companies will provide an “inspection” for a fee, but typically don’t have the training, knowledge or experience to provide a detailed, certified inspection report.

Only NRCIA members can provide the LeakFREE® roof certification guarantee.

Firehouse Exteriors franchised contractors can confidently conduct roof inspections because their inspection training and proprietary inspection process are the most advanced in the industry.

When should a roof inspection be done?

Every property in escrow should receive a roof inspection for disclosure purposes.

While 98% of all homes sold have a home inspection performed, over 85% of properties are sold with roof damage or leaks, costing the unsuspecting buyer large sums to repair or replace. Additionally, every property should receive an annual inspection before its roof certification expires or before the wet season, whichever is earlier, to identify any necessary and acute roof maintenance activities that would decrease the likelihood of future roof leaks. On top of these routine inspections, a roof also needs to be inspected if there is an active leak, roof-related insurance claim, or technical or legal query. Given the roofing system is a structure’s last line of defense against weather, an unsurprising 30% of insurance claims are due to leaking roofs and water penetration.