Garage Doors

It is not uncommon for garage doors to “take a hit” in a hailstorm.

When hail hits the garage door it can result in small or large dents. The dents normally do not affect the function of the garage door if the damage is concentrated within the panels. If the dents hit between where the sections come together, it’s possible the operation of the garage door could be affected.

Metal garage doors are typically low maintenance and easy to care for, but unfortunately, they dent easily.

It’s virtually impossible to fix or repair the dents in a metal garage door because garage doors do not have a smooth surface like cars do. The wood graining on the front of a garage door is not able to be smoothed out and filled with epoxy or Bondo to cover the damage.

Most insurance companies will either have a couple of sections replaced or replace the entire garage door. Replacing sections can be tricky because the manufacturer may be out of business, or the model is no longer in stock or the color won’t match because of normal fading.

Panels from different manufacturers cannot be combined for a good result. Each manufacturer has a little different design on the front of the garage door as well as inside the garage door.

If the insurance adjuster agrees to a full replacement, it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade. Maybe a design change, color change, adding windows or installing an insulated garage door is in order. Now is the best time to make that change.

Firehouse Exteriors has many different garage door designs made from a variety of materials.

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