Power Washing

Power washing a deckEnhance the look of your property, whether it’s the siding, fence, deck, driveway or sidewalks with power washing. It’s almost like magic!

Turn dull, discolored, and stained messes into bright, fresh, and pristine surfaces with our pressure washing services. We cover a huge range of surfaces and can change the look of every aspect of your property in no time!

Pressure washing is great for many hard surfaces, but for the exterior of your home, we utilize “soft” power washing, which is a much gentler method.

Unlike pressure washing, soft washing uses low-pressure water spray combined with cleaning solutions to safely and effectively get rid of mildew, mold, stains, and dirt without damaging the surface. House washing is popular because it’s an effective and affordable way to transform the exterior of your property. Turning tired and stained surfaces into gleaming and bright areas like they’re brand new.

However, house washing is not a job you should take on by yourself. It is a skilled and tough job that can easily go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. Save yourself the hassle, stress, and potential injury by hiring the experts at Firehouse Exteriors.

Don’t take risks; leave it to the pros!

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