High Electricity Bills?

It’s time to go green and soak up the sun by installing solar panels today!

House with solar panelsEnergy Efficiency

Installing solar power in your home is a smart investment that is highly efficient and will save you money on your energy bill. When you convert sunlight into electricity, you reduce your dependence on fossil fuel and help to save the planet. Solar panels can immediately lower your energy costs, protect you from rising electricity rates and provide cost-saving rebates.

Heating and Cooling Your Home

Thermal Solar Panels allow you to harness the sun’s power to heat your home and water. Industry data shows that up to 40% of the air that passes through your building envelope and duct system leaks out. That’s like $40 of every $100 you spend to heat or cool your house goes to waste because of those leaks!

However, solar is not for every household. There are many reasons why solar may not be right for you. Your Firehouse Exteriors can explain why.

If, after hearing all the pros and cons, you decide to explore a solar option further, your Firehouse Exteriors contractor can give you an estimate and projected cost savings, which will allow you to determine your ROI.