Exterior stucco siding is frequently damaged from a hailstorm. Hail damaged stucco typically has round indentations (looks like it was hit with a golf ball) with cracks possibly extending outward from the hail hit. Lighter hail may only crack the stucco, so many times homeowners fail to notice such damage. Broken or cracked stucco can result in additional structural damage such as wall leaking, wood rot and mold growth.

It’s important for every homeowner with a stucco exterior to inspect their homes periodically for cracking, regardless if there has been a storm. Heat, foundation shifting or settling and other forces can cause stucco to crack.

One serious problem with stucco is that attempting to repair the cracks can end up making the walls look worse, if not done properly. It’s very difficult to match stucco colors, especially if the stucco is several years old. In this case, the proper method is to patch the cracks and then re-coat the color “edge-to-edge” so the entire wall looks the same.

It's not uncommon for insurance adjusters to only allow for the damaged areas. That’s why it’s important to have a Firehouse Exteriors inspector present during the inspection. Our inspector will ensure that you get the proper adjustment that will restore your property to its original condition and not look like a patchwork repair job, which can reduce the value of your home.

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